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If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Voting Booth, Would You Do It Too?

Penn Leads the Vote's new video just landed in our inbox, and we are quickly becoming obsessed with it.  It's basically a non-musical bipartisan version of Yes, We Can featuring various Big People On Campus.  Some of the boldfaced names include senior class prez Brett Perlmutter, UA bigwig Wilson Tong, women's track star Camille Richard, the ubiquitous and super-smiley Erica Evans, and several former and future Ego's of the Week.  But we think PLtV must have hired some ringers for the video, because we've seriously never laid eyes on some of them.  That British, be-scarfed guy, for example--c'mon, does he really go here?  In any case, it's a fairly amusing video:  first they tell us not to vote, but (~*spoiler alert*~) don't worry, they're just kidding!  Watch out for a UTB parody, coming just as soon as we can get our hands on a video camera.