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NY Times Wedding Announcements: Princeton Theological Seminary Is NOT Princeton University

The Ivy mentions in today's New York Times Wedding section are a little out of control. As I read them I actually felt bad for the few couples who had none of the historic 8 schools dotting their announcement. Well, for a minute. And then I remembered that the privilege of attending Penn is being able to look down on all those hapless Duke grads! Suckers.

Penn racked up a respectable 5 mentions: Jason Sabat received his law degree, Elizabeth Strauss received her master's, Julia and Curtis Beaver received their medical and law degrees (respectively), and Chip Allison went here for undergrad. Which is great, though we'd be happier if his name wasn't Chip.

The scoreboard for the other Ivies: Columbia receives 3 points, Dartmouth 2 points, Harvard 2 points, Brown 1 point and Yale 1 point.

Princeton, however, takes the cake with a record 7.5 points. The half comes from newlyweds Anna Ellerman and William Shurley, both of whom are affiliated with Princeton Theological Seminary. Which isn't Princeton, as we discovered, but it shares a city and a name. And since we're touchy here about branding issues, it seemed only right to point out that Penn is not alone among the Ivies in name-sharing. Go tigers.