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Only 33 shopping days 'til the next advanced registration!

It's only October and drop period hasn't even ended yet, but we're already desperately bored of our classes and foaming at the mouth to pick new ones.  Picking classes is so much more fun than actually taking them!  It's such a nice dreamy lull when you're still optimistic about all the learning you're going to do this semester--then the first midterm/paper hits, and you hate your life all over again.

So we went searching for next semester's offerings.  There are a few departments (big ups to English!) that are always good about listing next semester's classes way in advance, but for the most part we have to wait longer than we'd like.  Well, somehow last night we came across some sort of hole in the space-time continuum that enabled us to access next semester's classes before the registrar puts them up, and by golly, it was glorious.  How did we manage this Back to the Future-esque feat?  We just went to our Penn Portal and clicked on the course search and schedule planning tool, which has been conveniently updated with Spring '09 courses!  Viola!

To mangle a certain red-headed orphan's lyrics: Spring '09, I love ya, you're only a semester away.