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Over It: The Longchamp Tote

Most people view their clothes as an extension of themselves. That's why there are so many meltdowns on shows like How Do I Look? and our personal favorite, What Not To Wear? That's why we never said anything when so many of our friends went through that "punk" phase in middle school (you know, the one where they wore all those studded belts and jelly sex bracelets?); it was merely a manifestation of their desire to rebel against their parents by being extreme. What you put on in the morning provides an opportunity to make a unique statement about who you are (whether it be middle-aged vixen or conservative, folksy politician). And if the clothes make the initial statement, it's accessories that add a total flare.

And yet it seems like Penn women are all about suppressing their personalities in the name of boring, bland homogeneity.  Whether that manifests itself in a trashy boot or matching North Faces, it drives us crazy.

But even more than that, the one thing we will never understand is why the ladies of Penn are determined to suppress the one area of fashion where it's okay to be a little crazy: the handbag. We could waste time, but why not just call a Spade a Spade? Ladies, for the love of God, put the Longchamp tote down.

We're not going to discuss whether we think the Longchamp tote is fashionable or not; it's nowhere near being an equivalent of Uggs. But first, please look at it. It's leather and vinyl. Quite possibly the most unremarkable combination. A plastic bag from FroGro evokes more excitement.

Here's the second problem. If you take a group of ten women, we'd be willing to be at least four of them have the Longchamp tote. Thus, the already-bland bag becomes even more ordinary and everyday because we see it everywhere. Our eyes are flooded with the image of the Longchamp bag. And if that weren't boring enough, every one of you has decided to buy it in a shade of blue. It really is as if Locust Walk is a sea of canvas.

We'll admit, the Longchamp trend was refreshing when it first exploded onto the scene. It was simple and understated--and best of all, for a "trendy" bag, the price is still pretty fair. So we know it'd be futile to issue a virtual fatwa banning their presence from campus. But if you really have to give into that urge, at least check out some of the funkier, fun colors Longchamp has to offer (remembering, of course, that berry tones are very chic right now).

Or maybe if you actually want to be an individual, you'll pick up a nice satchel instead. There are tons of great options out there, and hell, if you really want to impress us with your shiny bag, you can even rent (go for a Balenciaga).

Au revoir, Longchamp!  What are you totally over?  Tell us.