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Palin on SNL

So I, like some of you, watched Governor Sarah Palin's two appearances on Saturday Night Live. And even though I might not be a fan of her political stances, I have to say, it wasn't quite the disaster I'd expected.

In fact, Governor Palin showed herself to have quite a good sense of humor. Granted, the opening sketch was fairly sub-par, especially once Palin came on the screen, but it showed that the Governor at least knows how to laugh at herself.

And as for as that second sketch, let me first say that I never want to see a political figure dance on a late-night comedy show again. Also, I'm starting to wonder if we could solve all our world problems if our presidents and senators would just bust a rhyme in the middle of negotiations. I'd love to see Ahmadinejad throw it down to a beat.

The vice presidential candidate's two appearances are after the jump.

The show's opening sketch:

The governor in Weekend Update: