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The Top 10 Reasons Gossip Girl Sucks This Season

We missed this week's episode of Gossip Girl (do you have it on your TiVo? Call us!), but blogger Carlin Adelson watched it, and she has a few bones to pick.  Herewith, a thesis on GG's recent suckitude.

10. Josh Schwartz can't carry a storyline–-or keep the suspense–-for two episodes. And I take Adderall.

9. The only one we've seen topless this season is the scrawny, whiny one. No distinction necessary.

8. The writing isn't as sharp, thus relying on the cast's physical humor.

7. There isn't any.

6. Maybe it was their summer off, but the vast majority of the cast can't act.

5. With Kati gone, Isabel looks racially imbalanced.

4. The clothes, though still adorable, can be found on shopbop.com and Intermixonline--bad for stylists' reputation, great for us (plus Vanessa, the poor one, was wearing a Marc by Marc top at the coffee shop where she works instead of going to high school–-explain?!)

3. No one is hooking up with anyone else attractive or even central to the story line, leaving us no one to live through vicariously.

2. You know there's a problem when the most likable character is the Puerto Rican Hattie McDaniel of 2008, Dorota: the oldest, the fattest, the one with the fewest lines.

1. Jenny Humphrey is still a minor.