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This Weekend in Cognitive Dissonance

If we had ever bothered to take Psych, we might have learned about cognitive dissonance, but instead, we're going to just use the term as a way to introduce two wacky weekend events that seem sort of dissonant to us.  Ok then.

A tipster emailed us to tell us about Biketoberfest tomorrow afternoon at Dock Street Brewery (which has really good vegan pizza, or so we hear).  Says the tipster: "who wouldn't want to read about people in lederhosen attempting to cycle under the influence?"  We totally agree.

Also tomorrow, Blarney's is hosting an 11 a.m. kegs and eggs tailgate before the football game.  Kegs and eggs, you say?  Reminds us of this strip club in Providence we heard about from a friend at Brown: one morning a week, they do legs and eggs, which kind of creeps us out.

Happy Friday!