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And Cindy McCain Was Brilliant Too

If the results don't satisfy Senator McCain tomorrow, he probably has a future in comedy. Seriously, his timing and delivery in the opening segment were really impressive. Especially in the way he counterbalanced the always-brilliant Tina Fey and managed to highlight the key points of his campaign in a humorous way.

But even more than amused, we actually felt a little sorry for McCain. Sure, he's a Washington politician, which is a great gig, especially in our present financial situation, but the entire opening sketch revolved around his campaign being strapped for cash compared to Senator Obama's. And while we loved McCain's stint on Weekend Update, that one bit about the "Sad Grandpa" was close enough to the truth that it tugged at our heartstrings (we're also shocked that McCain's people allowed him to utter the word "grandpa", but that's a separate issue).

Pity aside, if the politics career ever goes sour, Senator McCain definitely has Hollywood potential (in a world where Jack Black can make movies, anyway).