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Choose Your Own Adventure: Chad, Matt, And Rob

As the preceding video by The Onion (a fake news website) points out, there is a lot of crap out there in the world of Youtube. Sometimes, though, there are glimmers of hope that remind us all that there are still some people out there who make videos laced with creativity, humor, and well-planned execution.

Chad, Matt and Rob, a Los Angeles-based comedy trio, is one such glimmer. They recently produced and released The Time Machine, a "choose your own adventure" interactive Youtube video.

The video (game) begins at 11:55am in an office setting, where Chad and Matt are desperately looking for Rob before an important meeting at noon. At this moment, Rob rushes on, covered with what he describes as "dinosaur snot."Hearing this ridiculous story, Chad and Matt begin to scold their disheveled friend when suddenly, they are chased by a group of men in suits (think Agent Smith from The Matrix). The trio is chased by the agents into what looks like a copy room, where Rob encourages his friends to jump into his time machine (two garbage cans) to save their lives. Chad and Matt, barricading the door, must make the decision: Get in the Garbage Can or Face the Agents?

From here on, with the ultimate goal of getting to the meeting at noon without dying in mind, you get to decide the story of Chad, Matt, and Rob. At the end of each approximately two minute long video, you are faced with two choices, which will determine the outcome of the game.

Packed with agents, zombies, and even dragons, The Time Machine is sure to entertain. What a nice breath of fresh air from stupid shit like this.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your own adventure here!