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Debra Messing Is At Pod


As a fan of Will and Grace (the first four seasons, not the sogged-down-with-celebrities second half), my life actually just reached its pinnacle upon learning that Grace Adler herself, Debra Messing, is currently dining at Pod. She's the woman with the wine glass emphatically raising her arm at the man in the gray shirt. Turns out she's in town for Governor Rendell's event for Obama.

Morgan Fairchild (aka Chandler's mom from Friends) is also in attendance; you can sort of see her blond hair flip on the right side of the picture. This dinner party can only mean one thing (other than that the election is tomorrow): NBC has begun to plan a '90s sitcom reunion extravaganza!

At press time, it looks like they have not yet gotten their main courses. So if you do choose to stalk, may I recommend psuedo-nonchalantly sitting down at the sushi bar and turning around ever so slowly to stretch/use a camera phone because a camera would be too conspicuous.