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Enough Politicians on SNL!

If the election spam or the pesky voter-registration people weren't reason enough, I have now found one more reason I can't wait for Election Day 2008 to be over.

It looks like you can expect to see Senator McCain on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. Granted, though it pains me to say it, McCain was actually fairly humorous back in May. His delivery was great, and he can certainly make appropriate fun of himself. But whether I'm laughing with them (Hillary in March) or at them (Palin two weeks ago), I'm tired of all of these politicians appearing on SNL. I agree that Meet the Press isn't the same without Tim Russert, but Seth Meyers is hardly an able substitute. And if you want to appeal to voters, you should be discussing what you're going to do to change our economy, not trying to make us laugh about your age (or, funnier still, your poor selection of a Vice Presidential candidate).

Regardless of what we want, McCain will be on SNL (we're hoping alongside Tina Fey's Palin) tonight at 11:30. In case you missed his last appearance, we've got clips after the jump.