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Forget Fair Trade Coffee, You Can Have Free Coffee! More Stuff You Can Get For Free Tomorrow!


If you log on to Facebook as much as we do, you might have noticed the invitation to receive free coffee at Starbucks tomorrow for voting in the election. Our good friends at Starbucks seem to be even more desperate for business than Ben and Jerry's: they don't even want proof that you voted! If you "tell them" you voted, you'll get a tall (otherwise known as a small everywhere but Starbucks) coffee on the house. It's nice to have someone who believes in us, we guess.

Hey Starbucks, we're all for social responsibility, but you might want to learn how to better "manage your brand identiy" through Facebook events...because when you decided to allow anyone to post pictures on the event, all those fair trade coffee activist types took the opportunity to make you look like corporate whores!