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Happy Homecomingphilliesoween!

Greetings from a kitchen several yards west of campus, where we are currently camped out blasting Miley Cyrus to drown out the fratty mess a few doors down.  And, hey, is it just us, or is this the ultimate nexus of party weekends?  Homecoming, Halloween, Phillies championship, pre-election last hurrah...what can't we party about today?  The mega-party has some unforseen consequences, however:  our doorbell keeps ringing.  Stray trick-or-treaters, random alumni who claim eminent domain and barge in on their old living spaces, Jehovah's Witnesses...today, we've seen them all.  Damn you, whatever team we're playing, and damn you, Franklin Field, for charging $4.25 per hot dog.  We're just going to hibernate for the rest of the weekend.  But first, a list of the Best and Worst Costumes We Saw This Weekend (e-mail with your additions!):

Best: Miley Cyrus Slutty Jesus Madeline Bristol Palin

Worst: Joe the Plumber Generic Cat

Best and Worst at the same time: "I might have been imagining it, but in between ZBT and Pi Kapp, I saw a girl who taped the button on top of her head, and she was under the button. I kid you not"