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If This Is A Meme, You're On My Team!


Join internet meme-ologist Johann Diedrick as he summarizes the 2008 elections using simple, LOLcat-esque imagery.


Obama, our supreme overlord. Amiright? Can we just say Barack Obama is having the best week ever? Yes we can.

You didn't need to spend much time online the past few months to know this would be an election of historical importance. Some were confident from the start: Others were skeptical he would bring the change we need.

And all must have wondered what the long-lasting implications this victory might cause for our country.

But for who made it out to city hall this past Tuesday night, you were behind your choice 100%. Your sentiments were clear. Only a man like Obama could bring Philadelphia back out less than a week after the Phillies won the World Series. With the election done, all we can do now is wait and see. We can only guess what the future will bring. For instance, a web 3.0 meme under the Obama administration might look like this: How much is that doggie on the Internet?

It's currently my home page...but hey, at least things are looking brighter.


And for those that supported Palin...

We hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes.

See you on the Internets.