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Our Campus Media Critic Pleased To Discover That MBA's Have A Sense Of Humor

Our campus media critic is back! We're waiting with bated breath to get our hands on a copy of The Soapbox or The Punchbowl, but in the meantime, we've managed to procure the new issue of The Wharton Journal. Won't you join us for a spirited critique?

Let us preface this critique by saying that we're not entirely sure we have a complete version of the current Journal.  We found a haphazardly folded copy in one of the Huntsman study rooms, so for all we know a rogue School of Social Work grad student could have snuck in to plant a bunch of tampered-with copies.  But, moving along...we freaking love this paper!

Their "news" articles are typical fluff, but if you flip to the back of the issues, it's like this weird little yearbook that the MBA's put out, and there's nothing we love more than yearbooks.  Our favorite feature comes on page 11, where the editors rip off New York Magazine's approval matrix to produce their own [brilliant] "Second Year Approval Matrix."  With items like "In: Cohort L singles, Out: Serious relationships" and "Ken and Mike giving Hunter a run for his money for WG09 hookup king" calling to mind the late, great Street Sweeper, this is just the kind of trash we live for. Check it out (click on it for a full-size scan):

The centerpiece of the journal is devoted to candid pics of students at various events, basically a printed out Facebook album, very enjoyable.  Then there's this dating column that compares dating in biz school to a Bollywood film.  (It just keeps getting better!)  The paper also features Cohort specific blurbs--a Cohort G quote and picture of the week and a weird little Cohort E comic--and while we have no idea what a cohort is (a group of some sort?), we totally love it.  The talkback page asks a random question and prints responses along with photos of respondents, Word on the Walk-style.  This week's question was, "What hypothetical course would you be willing to blow all of your auction points on?," and our fave response was Matt Parker's, which reads, "The New 5 C's: Cash, Cristal, Cannabis, Coke, and Call Girls."  Well played, Matt Parker!

There's lots more (both intentionally and unintentionally) funny stuff inside, all leading us to the odd conclusion that The Wharton Journal is somehow the grown-up version of Street.  Who knew?  WG'09ers, call us!