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Over It: Recording Facebook Videos in Class

Welcome back to Over It, the occasional feature that consists of a UTB contributor ranting about something they are so totally over.

Now that I've listened through I Am... Sasha Fierce a few times (and my Beyonce-mania is subsiding), I have returned to the usual forms of procrastination. This, of course, includes compulsively refreshing my Facebook home page and scanning through the updated News Feed. While admittedly, I can't be sure whether I'm writing at the beginning of the trend or its end (or perhaps this isn't so much a trend as a reflection of the company I keep?), my News Feed has become dominated by some of the most horrible perversions of Facebook that I have ever seen (well, almost).

Allow me to explain further. Many of my acquaintances have been recording videos during class which they then post to the Internet. Let me make something clear: while you may feel like a BAMF for doing this, it does not make you cool.

Look, I'm all for a good vlog every now and then (this example is not safe for work), but this is just ridiculous. Who the hell wants to watch you sit and make faces at a camera for four minutes while your professor drones on about market equilibrium in the background? Because chances are, if you find your class so boring that you have to vlog during it, I'm going to find your class so boring I don't want to watch you sit in it. Also, when you try to mouth sentences in the camera, I can't understand you.

Worse still, please don't rope other people into your egotistic endeavors. Hey, guy who filmed my friend in class for three minutes? Not only did you make her uncomfortable, but you've probably creeped out half your Facebook friends. Can you not see in the video how badly she wants you to turn your laptop away from her? And posting the video on Facebook and tagging her in it with the caption "You're awkward"? Yeah, first, that is not flirting; second, no, you're awkward.

So please, resist the temptation to waste your $40,000-a-year education, and save your desperate need of attention for a Real World casting call.