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ShutterButton: Penn vs. Princeton


The Quaker cheers on the Penn Football team to a 14-9 victory! According to sources, the Penn Band bus forgot the mascot back at Penn's campus, leaving the Quaker to find his own ride to the game in Princeton. Way to go, Penn Band.

Speaking of the band, did anyone else see what I interpreted to be a confrontation between the Penn and Princeton band leaders (as if the Princeton band needed anymore confrontations)? During the third quarter, the Princeton band leader slowly made his way towards the Penn Band and started talking with its band leader. The two conversed for awhile, eventually pointing out one specific Penn Band member and bringing him down to join the discussion about something. If anyone knows any further details about this, please email us at underthebutton@gmail.com!

Actually, you know what, nevermind. Most of you wouldn't have been at the game anyway... you were all partying in the woods behind the stadium, weren't you? In what many could only describe as a "shitshow", hundreds of Penn kids brought kegs, burgers, and tunes, and ate and drank the night away (Game? What game?). Some lucky few even got to see two Princeton kids fight! I guess not all is well This Side of Paradise.