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Street's Gonna Be A Supermodel!


Remember the part in Clueless when Cher and Dionne are washing the dye out of Tai's hair and picking out new clothes for her and stuff?  The makeover scene!  This week, Street is fashion-themed (with nary an Ugg in sight, we'd like to note).  Here's what you have to look forward to:

The aforementioned fashion story is front and center, then we have UTB's very own Carlin Adelson in print, bigs ups!  And is it just us, or is this week's Ego of Week duo even more attractive than usual?  (Does that make us The-hoes?)  And look, a super-classy cheese tasting!  All that, a bag of chips, and more--it this week's issue!  Writers' meeting tonight at 6:30, you know the deal.