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Taking Over The World (Series)

Because everyone is still rockin' their red and white gear and drankin' their Phillies Lattes (Bucks's raspberry and vanilla treat) here's a ready-made playlist to aid your Phillies Fever and help you relive the madness of last week:

  • I've Got The World (Series) On A String- Frank Sinatra
  • The World (Series) Is Mine- David Guetta
  • The World (Series) Has Turned And Left Me Here- Weezer
  • The Man Who Sold The World (Series)- David Bowie
  • Midnight In A Perfect World (Series)- DJ Shadow
  • The Modern World (Series)-The Jam
  • The Whole World (Series)-Outkast
  • Around The World (Series)- Daft Punk
  • World (Series) Hold On- Bob Sinclair
And of course for the sake of nostalgia (because we all wanted a fairy godmother and a magic carpet)
  • Part Of Your World (Series)
  • A Whole New World (Series)
Congrats Phillies!