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The One Show You Must Watch This Week

Grey's Anatomy, Thur. at 9 p.m. on ABC

It's Brooke Smith's (Erica Hahn) last episode since the network unceremoniously announced that she has unceremoniously been dropped off the show. While the party line is that her storyline -- Hahn's budding relationship with Callie Torres -- just isn't clicking, this news combined with the report that Grey's newcomer Melissa George's character has been downgraded from bisexual to singly sexual implies a different sort of reasoning on ABC's part. At least this episode features Hahn prominently, as she's working on the patient who lost his transplant heart to Denny when Izzie stole it a few years back. Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes yet another appearance because Seattle Grace is apparently populated with surgeons/ghost whisperers. Below, a sneak peek:

In other Shonda Rhimes news, Penn picked up its second primetime reference in the past week thanks to Private Practice. Addison was talking with the 17-year-old husband of a dying girl whose one wish is to be artificially inseminated with the boy's sperm and when she asked him what he wanted to do with his life, he said he wanted to go to "UPenn" in the fall. So you know his admissions essay will be awesome.

Perhaps the shoutout was inspired by Kate Walsh's visit earlier this fall, though it's a shame the writers had to drop the "U" in there for the uninitiated. At least The Office kept it real.