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The One Show You Must Watch This Week

Pushing Daisies, Wed. at 8 p.m. on ABC

Yes, this has already been the one show you must watch this week. But there is no rule against repeatsies, particularly when said show might be getting canceled any day now.

Tonight's episode of Pushing Daisies is all about magicians, featuring Fred Willard as some guy with an awesome mustache named The Great Hermann. No sneak peeks for you, but below is a scene that could be called a spoiler. Calling it a spoiler, however, would imply that people watch the show and so, would be annoyed to learn plot developments prior to watching the episode. Think of this instead as a scene from episode 2.05 that will inform tonight's episode, since it centers around Ralston and Maurice, Ned's new found half-brothers and magicians extraordinaires:

Now I know you all like sci-fi romcom mystery shows so hop to it and keep these daisies from pushing off!