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Deliver Us From FroGro

In September, while doing my routine Facebook stalking one night, I was struck by an ad that appeared on the sidebar. The ad was for something called "The Lazy Grocer"--being one of those two thing (lazy, not a grocer, in case you were unsure), I decided to click and see what was going on; ostensibly, some Penn kids decided to start a late-night FroGro delivery service. When I checked the site, it had some pretty impressive Flash graphics and not much actual content--or any delivery options. I brushed the business off as a failed Marketing/Management project and pretty much forgot about it. However, this evening I received an email informing me that the Lazy Grocer was open for business!

The Lazy Grocer offers a multitude of food and drink items, as well as party and household supplies, which include--but certainly aren't limited to--copy paper and condoms. Also, their $2 delivery charge guarantees delivery in 30 minutes or less; pay an additional $2 and you can have it in 15 minutes or less. Not too bad! I decided to try it out, and ordered some Gushers and a few sugar-free Red Bulls, neither of which I really needed. Oh well. My shit was delivered in a little over a half an hour, but I'm not going to be nitpicky. Gushers are awesome. This is a Pennstitution on the rise, and I encourage you all to try it when you get sick of Insomnia or Ed's Pizza.