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A Gap-tastic Holiday

We, much like those kids over at the New York Times, love Gap. We do. Creative director Patrick Robinson has breathed some much needed life into the classic American brand, and consumers are reaping the benefits in the form of smart threads and even smarter collaborations. And let's face it, Gap knows what's up when it comes to the holidays. This year they did themselves one better by unleashing a marketing campaign that will delight even the most jaded of grinches. In the grand tradition of mash-ups, Gap has created some unlikely pairings for their latest slew of ads. Napoleon Dynamite with one of the coolest-looking girls we've seen in a while! Dwight Schrute and that chick who made out with that other chick in Cruel Intentions! Check them all out here (or after the jump, though we spared you the Sandra Bernhard clip). This one may be our favorite (oh, hot damn!)...