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Au Revoir, 50 Cent Gas Surcharge

After a cab ride back from 30th Street Station on Sunday, I was completely prepared to go off on the 50-cent gas surcharge. As a cheap--not to mention broke--college student, I hop in a taxi about once a month (I made an exception this month to take a drunk ride back from karaoke in Upper Darby).  Paying the $6 to get back from 30th Street Station hurts my heart, but let's face it, walking through Drexel's campus only makes coming back from Thanksgiving break that much harder. So needless to say, I was pretty miffed at having to pay an extra 50 cents now that gas has gone back towards $2 a gallon.

But instead of an embittered rant, I come bearing great news. Apparently the Philadelphia Parking Administration thinks the same way I do and has decided to get rid of the gas surcharge. Consider it your Christmas gift from the City of Brotherly Love.

Good call, PPA. Especially since we've only got six more days until the South Street Bridge closes (for what will be the longest 24-months of our lives), and you'll just get those 50 cents back for every extra minute we have to sit in the horrible traffic on Spruce or Market.