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Jay-Z + Santogold = Hell Yes.


Over the weekend, a new Jay-Z track produced by Kanye West (who should stick with producing or go back to being fun) leaked called “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”. It’s as if “Swagga Like Us” popped up on Kanye’s iPod and he was like, “Wow, I did a great job on that,” so he decided to make a poor man’s version of that hook. Naturally, he'd have Santogold, a somewhat poor man’s MIA, sing it. But it all works. In “Swagga,” all of the featured rappers, Hov included, talked about how cool they are, but here he just shows it. So if someone can find me a place in a Brooklyn dance crew as well as a situation where my new crew and I would all have to walk in slow motion into some sort of battle, I would really appreciate it because this song would work so well blasting from the boom box I’d be holding on my shoulder, right? Anyway, the song keeps popping up places on the internet and then it gets taken down, so we won’t link you anywhere specific for an mp3, but you can probably find it if you look.