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SAT: Seriously, Another Test?

An article from yesterday's Times explores the controversy surrounding the College Board's reinstated score choice policy. After a seven-year hiatus, score choice is back for the SATs and SAT IIs (and let us not forget that score choice has always been the policy of the Midwestern-friendly ACTs). While we're glad we don't have to go through the college admissions process again, we do wish we had had score choice back in the day.

However, according to the Times, Penn (along with Stanford, USC and Claremont-McKenna) disagrees with the CB's decision and is planning to ask students to send all of their scores. Ummmm... good luck with that, Eric Furda. Sure, some schools think this is the College Board's way of capitalizing on the neurosis of overachieving students in pursuit of that elusive 1600 2400. And maybe it is. But this is also a policy that is shared by that other Annoying College Test the ACT, and one that really does ultimately benefit students.

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