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Sketchy SAS Webmail Emails Much?


SAS webmail is out of control. First there was this bizarre phenomenon (which then stopped for awhile, but recently began again) and this morning I received the quintessential scam email regarding my webmail. Read below:


This message is from WEBMAIL E-mail messaging center to all our email account users. We are currently conducting a maintenance exercise which is for upgrading our database and e-mail account center.This exercise involves the deactivation of dormant /unused/invalid email accounts to make room for further upgrading.

To confirm the validity of your email and to prevent your account from deactivation, you are advised to update it by providing us with the following information.

CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL IDENTITY BELOW Email Username: ..................... Password: .................... Date of Birth: ...........................

Warning!!! Account owners are expected to update their accounts within 10 working days after receipt of this notice. Failure to comply with this notice within the stipulated time will face the risk of loosing his or her account.

Thanks for your co-operation! Warning Code: VX2G99AAJ Web Team!!!

Has anyone else been spammed with something like this? Perhaps more importantly: is anyone else annoyed that someone thinks we're dumb enough to respond to an email like this? Tell us in the comments!