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This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of Laughter

I've recently discovered that I am too old to mooch off my parents when I want to give my friends presents. Bursar got me through this little snafu for a while, but the 'rents have totally caught on, and anyway, I feel guilty spending money on Everyone Poops (an awesome gift, BTDubs) when the economy is imploding on itself. So what to do?

The answer: send an e-card from jibjab.com, the amazing geniuses who brought us "This Land" during the 2004 election (in which John Kerry was very proud of having won the purple heart "thrice"). In just a few short minutes, you can put the heads of yourself and your loved ones onto bodies that are energetically getting down tonight. You've never seen anyone disco like this before; my personal favorite part is the enthusiastic grinding. It's totally free, and ridiculously funny. I'm still laughing at the one I made with my parents' heads 3 weeks ago.

But don't take my word for it. Here's a sample, with my head and the head of my hot with a double T co-editor, Julie. (Sorry, Julie, I made you the guy.) Happy holidays.

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