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Memo To The Pedestrians/Walking Targets At 38th And Spruce


If I had to pick one thing to win the Dennie Zastrow Inaugural Thing That Pisses Me Off Most Award (tm), it would undoubtedly be the intersection at 38th and Spruce.  Why?  Because some people don't understand the concept of the walk/don't walk pedestrian signals.

Here's the deal.  When you're standing at that intersection and you're on the Eastern side, you shouldn't walk when it says don't walk.  I know the traffic light turned.  That's not the point.  You're not supposed to cross because the cars that are heading South and turning East onto Spruce have a green arrow!  They have the right of way!!!

I know this doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it really is.  You're causing all sorts of traffic delays when you ignore the pedestrian signal.  So please, next time you're waiting on that corner and the light turns, go ahead and wait the extra ten to fifteen seconds it takes for those cars to turn.  By restraining yourself for just a little bit, you're giving the good citizens of Philadelphia one less reason to hate Penn students.

Photo credit: Many Cats 4 Me on flickr