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Well, The Skies Are Friendly

The timing is almost too perfect. Just as everyone is packing up and deserting campus for three-ish weeks of no class & no exams, one of our favorite Philly blogs, Philebrity, broke the sad news about our own Philadelphia International Airport (PHL): it has been titled the "Most Stressed Airport" in the US for 2008! We hate to be mean, but this does seem more fitting for a city known as "Killadelphia" than a World Series win.

But that's the thing. As believable as this superlative feat seems, my personal experiences at the Philly Airport haven't been that bad--which, for an airport, is practically a compliment. (And really, if you think about it, isn't the award itself kind of redundant?) Since I'm from California, I've passed through PHL quite a number of times, which I think gives me a fair sample. Not to mention that I generally fly during the holidays, which theoretically means I should have witnessed the worst of possible airport malfunctions.

So, fellow air travelers: what do you think? Is the Philly airport deserving of this backhanded accolade?

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