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Chipotle Update: Thursday Is Free Burrito Day

We interrupt your regularly scheduled last day of freedom to bring you this crucial piece of news: this coming Thursday is free burrito day at Chipotle!  As we previously reported, Chipotle already looks like it's open for business, but Thursday will be the official opening celebration.  Is this not more thrilling and glorious than next week's presidential inaugeration?  After all, when has Obama ever promised to physically feed us?  Chipotle is even throwing in drinks, per the press release:

All this at the price of absolutely nothing! Nada. Nix. That's right! You’ll eat FREE. Chipotle will even give you a big soft drink to wash it all down.
Expect big crowds, the likes of which haven't been seen since the day (dearly missed, at least by seniors) Tony Luke's opened on Spruce Street in 2006.  Chipotle, we hope you stay with us a little longer.

Keep checking back for developing coverage of the biggest chain restaurant opening of our time.  We'll have a team live on the scene on Thursday, boo ya.