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Penn's New Years Resolutions

Happy new year!  We're either about 20 hours late on this, or we opted to hold off calling the new year until the majority of precincts were reporting, CNN-style.  Either way, a happy and a healthy to you and yours.  Instead of looking backwards, we're looking ahead to Spring '09, which begins in just two short weeks!  Or less than that, actually.  But still way later than the Obama girls, who report to Sidwell Friends on Monday. (Suckers.)

We've made the following resolutions on behalf of Penn:

  • We will only waste our time on the good a capella groups.
  • We will side with Insomnia in the cookie war Cupmakes is looking to start.
  • We will dutifully visit Pottruck.
  • We will do all the assigned reading.
  • We will save money on laundry by using the machines in the high rises as opposed to the $1.75 to wash, $1.50 to dry off-campus nightmares.
  • We will take cabs less often.
  • We will answer e-mails promptly.
  • We will hope for a good commencement speaker and Spring Fling band.
  • We will not let the return of Lost govern our social lives.
  • We will not visit the Bridge on Friday or Saturday nights to pay full price for mediocre movies.
Got an addition?  Comment!