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Everyday Hax0r: Watch Out M&T, Mozilla's Got Ubiquity


The lovely geek population at Mozilla (a.k.a. the geniuses that gave us Firefox) have come up with a way to save our precious energy from wasted clicking (so that we can use it at Pottruck, of course): ubiquity. The program allows users to type custom-made commands into a pop-up window that creates combinations of web information within one window, such as inserting a Google Map into your email or Twittering highlighted text from a website.

Gone are the days of pressing ctrl + T and copy-pasting from one window to another (or, um, whatever analogous thing you Mac users do). Now you can boss Firefox around and make it do your little tasks for you. You can even "subscribe" to newly created commands to further increase your power--they vary from mapping out locations on Craigslist to translating Japanese on your favorite foreign website.  We're telling you, you'll thank us once you get through your next Huntsman cram session.  Happy computing!