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Beer Pong Champions Of Penn, This Could Be You!


You might know David Plouffe from his almost daily cameos in your inbox, but back before he masterminded Obama's run for the White House, he was another drunken coed just like you and me! Turns out he was quite the avid beer pong player while matriculating at (but not graduating from) University of Delaware. Plouffe's skills were so notable they merited being featured in a piece in the UDel student newspaper. As it says in this article from Esquire:

"The seven-hundred-word article is about beer pong. Plouffe and his college roommate were prolific. "For two years," says Barack Obama's campaign manager, "that's all we did." Classes, he wasn't that into them. He never graduated."

Take-home message: just keep drinking. It's the patriotic thing to do.