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Bongs At Frat Parties... They're Grrrrreat!


You probably know that Michael Phelps, America's own Water Wonderboy, got caught on camera hitting a bong. (And if you missed it, you can get nicely caught up with Seth Meyers' excellent "Really?" rant from Weekend Update on this week's SNL.) But you might want the details of what went down at this USC frat party. Michael Whitworth indecently exposes the gold medalist - and note, the most indecent thing about this exposure is Whitworth's nickname for Phelps: "Good ol' Phelpsie." Really, Michael Whitworth? Phelpsie? Read the rest of the play-by-play (while thinking to yourself that if there's anyone who deserves to unwind with some weed, it's a fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist) here.