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Coulda Woulda Shoulda: UA Edition


Gather round, kiddies, because the UA has another mind-bending survey for you to fill out!  This survey (which--where our seniors at?--is good for exactly zero Feb Club stamps) asks us to identify the ways our Penn experience could have been slightly more awesome.  Indeed, employing what strikes us as a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque turn of phrase, UA overlord Wilson Tong asks, "Do you ever wonder about what could have made your Penn experience even better?"  Um, maybe less Survey Monkey links...aw, just kidding, UAsters.

This year, the UA's agenda included, per the survey, the following (with UTB's notes in italics, natch):

- The potential extension of the move-out deadline in spring semester Whatever, cool people live off campus. - The allowance of registered parties during New Student Orientation Registration won't make the freshmen-macking any less creepy, frat boys. - Improvements to the Au Bon Pain establishments on campus Random, but while they're at it, can they remove all the calories from chocolate muffins? - Undergraduate research opportunities Wikipedia...and beyond! - PennInTouch improvements They've been in the works since 1995! Four more years! - ZimRide, a program that connects students having transportation needs This sounds fictional. - Community service project during NSO Community service project=carwash in front of Amy Gutmann's house? - Civic engagement (i.e. Dartmouth voter challenge and Presidential debates) Yup, forget Obama, the UA saved the world!