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Flash Mob Make-out Sesh In Love Park


LOVE Park will live up to its name this Sunday when all the city's make-out sluts come together for a giant orgy of Seven Minutes in (Urban) Heaven.  Philly's tourism department will be filming some kind of Valentine-themed commercial.  Love + city seemed to work for New York ("I <3 NY"), so why not apply the same concept to Philly?  Here's the scoop:

This commercial is for a new push of the campaign with a special Valentine's Day twist. The filming takes place in LOVE Park and starts on one couple meeting at the Park. They immediately start kissing each other. The camera moves and we see another couple meeting and kissing . The camera continues to move and we see another kissing couple and another until we see a ridiculous number of couples all meeting and kissing at LOVE Park, as if everyone in Center City just stopped what they were doing and started making-out with each other.
More details are here.  But since Penn has its own LOVE statue and we are lazy, we're planning to just chill on College Green and make out with whoever walks by, even if it's a squirrel.