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Got Mad Skillz? Put Them To The Test


Penn is one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country, maybe even the world. You must be pretty smart to be going here. But do you know what all of the New Deal acronyms stand for? No? How about every movie Russell Crowe has been in?

Enter Sporcle, the game where it's your job to know everything from a particular list. These lists range anywhere from the educational—like listing the elements on the Periodic Table—to the totally pointless, like naming all of the locations on a Monopoly Board. You have a given amount of time to solve the puzzle, usually just long enough to get most but not long enough so that you don't feel like an idiot for missing ones you should have gotten. The game is addictive because it's not really a race to the clock; you're never frantically typing the last words in. It's that strain of having an answer on the tip of your tongue and not remembering it.

I would say the two most strenuous games are common English words and street suffixes. Yeah, if you think you've been around the block, try naming all 146 street suffixes as listed by the US Postal Service in 15 minutes. (Hint: it gets much harder after you've wasted "boulevard," "street," and "avenue." Trust me.)