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Has The 29th Feb Club Event Been Announced?

Our Google Calendars have helpfully informed us that on March 1st there will be a Feb Club event at Franklin Fountain and the Penn's Landing ice rink. We're confused –- wasn't this the February 15th event that was canceled for the meningitis outbreak? The class board informed disappointed seniors that everyone would be getting the meningitis stamp (Hurrah! Although we suggested that they just start stamping at Student Health instead). But now the event has cropped up again. Is this the mysterious 29th stamp that the board has been promising to "announce shortly" since the end of January?

If so, a greater question must be asked. If Franklin Fountain hadn't been canceled, what would the 29th stamp have been? Round 2 at Jimmy John's? Or were they going to spring for something more adventurous, like, say, CVS? We suspect a more sinister plot. Unable to come up with an idea for stamp 29, the board released their secret stash of meningitis so that February 15th would be canceled, and they could re-use their old idea. They are evil GENIUSES.

(NB: j/k, class board! We heart you! Please still give us our Feb Club prizes!)