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Hey Bruce, Too Late To Apologize

Were you one of the many confused Bruce fans who, when trying to score tickets for his Working On A Dream Tour (he'll be in Philly with the E Street Band April 28 and 29) couldn't figure out why the hell Ticketmaster redirected you to their other site, TicketsNow, to pay a higher price for the same seat? Well, here's something that will make you feel better. No, not an actual ticket to the concert - an apology straight from the Boss himself! For what it's worth, he "condemns" the screw-up and is as "furious" as we are. Seeing as an estimated 92% of the Penn population hails from the great Garden State (I may be rounding up a little), this just further proves the need for a Birthright program, like the one that sends Jews to Israel, to get everyone from New Jersey to Bruce Springsteen concerts for free.