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I Guess We're All Feeling Fat Lately...


Like most college students and human beings in general, I have a very complex relationship with the gym: it’s a sweaty place that smells like farts, yet I constantly find myself longing to return and endure yet another round of heart palpitations and muscle spasms.

Though Pottruck always seems to emit its own special brand of rankness (dirty socks combined with sweat-out beer from last night), it’s truly a Mecca when you consider the fact that going to its academic alter ego, Van Pelt, is probably the most productive alternate activity.

Apparently many people share this opinion, for lately it seems as though Pottruck is getting a little too much love. There’s frequently a fifteen-person line just to swipe in, and once you cross the threshold into the gym you’re faced with a twenty-minute wait for a machine. Seriously, Pottruck?

Yes, everyone deserves to work out on any machine they want, but there’s nothing more irritating than being third in line for a treadmill and watching some chick holding on for dear life as she speed walks on an incline. Just run, lady, and you’ll burn the calories faster.

Perhaps people are just getting head starts on their Spring Break workout regiments, or maybe we’re all just bored. Either way, Pottruck has developed an overpopulation dilemma so irritating that it probably cancels out all the endorphins we work so hard to gain in the first place. So let us all respect our fellow gym-goers and be economical about the time we spend on the machines.