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Indecent Exposure: Love Park

We have a sneaking suspicion that most of you didn't heed our advice and head down to Love Park a few weekends ago to hook up in the shadow of City Hall. For those of you who stayed warm on campus, check out the final product, brought to you by gophila.com.

In the likely event that you're reserving all brain function for midterms, papers and spring break plans, we've broken down a few highlights after the jump so you get the most out of your viewing experience:

0:15 – Creepy (homeless?) man watching in the background. Amy G should put this man on patrol Under the Button/at random frat parties. You try getting it on under that piercing glare.

0:32 - Man making out with himself. No comment.

0:32 - Fireman and policeman hooking up. This is the point where the video goes from weird to absurd: we all know this sort of inter-occupation romance does not happen in reality.

0:39Girls kissing each other on the cheek. Is this a potential Penn student sighting? They are wearing Uggs!

And last but not least....

0:49 – Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross getting it on. You gotta give it to the man – he's over 300 years old and still getting some action!