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JuicyCampus Dries Up

Remember this past Tuesday night when, in an almost-OMFG-worthy tragedy, Headmistress Queller threatened to shut down Gossip Girl? Let this be a lesson to us all: life imitates art. If you're one of the maybe ten people who still checks JuicyCampus, the wannabe go-to spot for all things rumor related at college, you'll be heartbroken to know it will be dead as of tomorrow. Matt Ivester, founder and CEO of the site, had this to say about the JuicyCampus legacy:

"While there are parts of JuicyCampus that none of us will miss – the mean-spirited posts and personal attacks – it has also been a place for the fun, lighthearted gossip of college life. I hope that is how it is remembered."

This sincerity sans irony or apology lasts through to the end of his letter, the sign-off of which is "Keep it Juicy." Read the rest of his sweet, sorrowful goodbye here at the official JuicyCampus blog.