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Point/Counterpoint: How Permissible Is Cheating During Feb Club?

As you surely read about in Street last week, Feb Club is all the rage.  Going out every night for a month, man, it really doesn't get much better than that! Well, for some people.  There's a certain subset of senior that cares about Feb Club, really cares, like if-my-name-doesn't-make-it-onto-the-plaque-I'm-staying-for-a-fifth-year cares.  (The breakdown of fabulous prizes is listed on the senior class's website:  oooh, a flask, just in case Prohibition ever comes back and you need to smuggle moonshine out of Quad bathrooms.)

Why channel so much energy into winning, at most, a gift you could purchase for yourself at Things Remembered?  Because it's all about the experience, saying that you did it, that you managed to go out every single night for a whole month.  And to that we say, hey, whatever floats your boat, go hard or go home, work hard/play hard, and various other cliches that may vaguely apply to the situation.

But what of the people that aren't hardcore enough to schlep to every event, but try to sweet-talk friends into stamping their cards?  Guys, you're lame and you know it.  Cheating at Feb Club is totally against the spirit of the event.  Even though we think going every night is a little excessive, and actually winning will probably be pretty anti-climactic, cheating is like stealing a book from Rosengarten, or food from Houston Hall, and we beg you: please, don't do it.