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ShutterButton: In Which A Teddy Bear Is The New Lunchbox


Yesterday around 1pm, my class on the third floor of Williams Hall was interrupted by sounds of yelling, screaming, and fighting in the hallway. I emerged from the classroom to find this scene:

One guy (seen in the middle of the pack with the semi-'fro) was being wrestled to the ground by a group of six or so ladies related to an unnamed organization. It was clear the man was holding something of importance and it was definitely not fragile, as the girls were trying to pry it from his hands by throwing his helpless body from wall to wall.

Despite a valiant struggle that lasted several minutes, the guy (pledge?) was overwhelmed and defeated, and the girls fled the scene with their hard-fought prize: a teddy bear.

Was the guy trying to "Indiana Jones" a prized sorority treasure? Or was he himself a victim of a sorority pledge scavenger hunt?