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Happy Square Root Day


Face it: You go to Penn, which means that there must be a little geek living somewhere deep down inside you. Well, today's the day to let that little geek have a field day: Nerds all over are celebrating 3/3/09 - if it's been a while since you took Math 103, that's 3 x 3 = 09, so that the square root of the year is equal to the days of the month and week. This only happens nine times a century, so it's kind of a big deal.

According to the AP, a high school teacher from California was so excited that he created a contest for whomever had the biggest Square Root Day bash. The prize is a splendid $339.

""These days are like calendar comets, you wait and wait and wait for them, then they brighten up your day — and poof — they're gone," he said. Looks like someone's excited!

If you're looking for square inspiration, there's an entire Facebook group dedicated to the celebration of these rare occasions, which even includes a thread about what dedicated fans are planning to do, from "Asking my massage therapist to use square strokes" to "Carving a square root in a mathematician's chest with a buck knife."

Happy squaring! Go get your root on. And screw midterms, feel free "celebrate with three shots of triple sec at 9:33pm," as one Facebook enthusiast suggested.