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Lil' Wayne Makes You Go Dummy Fo' Realz


CalTech grad student Virgil Griffith has taken two of Penn kids' favorite things to brag about -- intelligence and taste in music -- and put our boasts to the test. In another example of Facebook exploitation, Griffith compared the incidence of artists in students' profiles with the average SAT scores of their respective institutions of higher education. In his own words, “Their unity is hilarity incarnate."

Not-so-surprisingly, Beethoven fans are on top of their studies, pulling in an average score of 1371. Lil' Wayne fans on the other hand, seem to be too busy pondering just what exactly a goon is to a goblin to hit up their Princeton Review courses, averaging an 889. It's unclear whether listening to everything at once makes you a genius or a complete idiot. Fingers crossed, Girl Talk fans.

Other notables: John Legend writes smarter songs than Justin Timberlake; Sufjan Stevens only got a high score because dumb kids can't pronounce his name; and unless you aspire to a life of devastating mediocrity, stop listening to Dave Matthews.

Griffith has kicked out a similar list for books, and while the site is currently down, you can still peep the chart here. Word of advice: go Fahrenheit 451 on anything that's been made into a movie and pick up some Nabakov. You'll thank us later.

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