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Recession Specials Hit Houston


Penn Dining recently sent out an email ever-so-kindly pointing out meals to be had on-campus for under $6. (Which only makes the yearly meal plan push even harder to bite into.) I'm all for cheaper eats, but I do wonder what motivated the email. Is Subway concerned about our thinning wallets? Or has there been a drop-off in customers? But wouldn't a college campus provide a steady customer base, even amidst economic woes? Or -- gasp! -- have we begun cooking?

All I know is that if Subway's $5-foot long subs are here to stay, its awful jingle should have to go.

See Penn Dining's deals after the jump.

HOUSTON MARKET - 3417 Spruce Street, Lower Level of Houston Hall Savory Station Choose one*: 1) Turkey, Cheddar, and Tomato Grinder 2) Cheese Grinder (3 types of Cheese) 3) Grilled Veggie Wrap Add Two: 1 Fountain Beverage  and 1 Small Vegetable Crudité = $5 *Offer Valid Monday - Friday, 2pm - 8pm

SUBWAY - 3800 Locust Walk, Shops at 1920 Commons $5 Foot Long Subs Are Now Available EVERYDAY!! $5.00 Foot Long Special only applies to the following subs: Blackforest Ham, BLT, Cold Cut Combo, Meatball Marinara, Tuna, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Spicy Italian, and Veggie Delight.

TOP THIS AT PENN - 3800 Locust Walk, Shops at 1920 Commons Choose from a Burger or a Cheese Steak + Choose from a Small Order of Fries or a Carrot Pack + A Small Fountain Beverage  = $5.99