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Rodents, Electrical Workers Picket Capogiro Gelato

About two weeks ago (while most of you were cramming for midterms and stocking up on sunscreen) sandwich-board-toting construction workers began picketing outside the Radian, occasionally accompanied by a large, inflatable rodent. Much befuddlement ensued among the half-a-dozen residents who were able to detach themselves from their BlackBerrys long enough to look up on their way to class.

Fear not though, confused souls! UTB is here with the scoop. According to a commenter on PhiladelphiaSpeaks.com, workers from the IBEW (International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers) Local Union 98 are protesting Capogiro because:

"They fail to hire workers who are paid what is standard for the community, receive medical benefits for their wives and children and receive a fair retirement plan so they can retire with dignity."
What say you, Penn students? If the workers are still picketing once Capogiro opens, will you cross the lines to quench your desire for gelato? Let us know in the comments!