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Seniors: Last Day For Bursar! Ever.


We knew it was coming. Signs warning us of this impending doom began to appear at campus registers a few weeks ago. And today reality hits us: seniors, it is the last day we can use the wondrous privilege that is bursar.

We learned about it as mere freshmen; we were told it was a convenient way to charge iPods to our unsuspecting parents. Having it taken away almost thrusts us more into the ugly reality of the real world than graduation will on May 18. Out with the old, in with the new: it's no coincidence that today high school seniors will learn of their acceptance into Penn.

But there's still time! Before midnight strikes on this Cinderella function, bursar one last Penn sweatshirt from the bookstore. Or three. Because if there's one Penn taught us, it's that we should make the most of every opportunity.